King-Ozone System Advantages

These are the specific advantages of our treatment systems and services:

- Practical use and silent
- No chemicals
- Very low power consumption
- Economic and profitable
- After-sales service
- Customer Satisfaction

Health benefits of King-Ozono products

- Elimination of unpleasant odors
- Elimination of irritants, allergic and harmful to health
- Considerably reduces the level of microorganisms in the environment
- Preventing attacks of allergic and asthmatic bronchitis
- Disinfection of indoor environments (houses, cars, businesses, etc ...)
- Elimination of germs (mites, bacteria, viruses, fungi ...)
- Treatment of drinking water (residential, industrial and swimming pools)
- Hygiene in food products (refrigerators and waivers)
- Treatment of fume hoods
- Disinfection of instruments, barrels and containers
- Air conditioning with better quality by reducing microbial hazards
- Kill Insects
- And more ...

What is Ozone:

Ozone is a molecule comprised of three atoms of oxygen, which is formed when dissociate the two oxygen atoms, each atom (O) released, binds to another molecule of oxygen (O2) forming molecules ozone (O3).
In medicine, the ozone is produced from pure oxygen, with electric generators which regulate the levels of concentration in accordance with established protocols. It is highly unstable and reactive gas, the remarkably selective carbon double bonds present in essentially all the unsaturated fatty acids which in turn are part of structural phospholipids in all cell membranes.

• The O2 resulting from the breach is negatively ionized oxygen.
• The atom that is free is What gives ozone its disinfecting action, antiviral and antitoxic, wider dissemination and greater perfusion and tissue oxygenation.
• The 24.75 Kcal released produce a temperature rise, and therefore a vasodilatory effect.
• The ozone therapy has no proven side effects or damage to all documentation reviewed medical literature until now. If practiced regularly in the outpatient clinic of many European countries (Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, etc.) Latin American countries, USA, and others.