Applications and Treatments

The first use of ozone for treatment was more than 100 years, used then for the treatment of water. Apart from being used again pools to treat water in place of the aggressive chlorine, nowadays the system has more applications, among which are:

- Elimination of unpleasant odors root
- Eliminates irritant substances, allergic and harmful to health
- Considerably reduces the level of microorganisms in the environment
- Disinfection of indoor environments (houses, cars, businesses, etc ...)
- Elimination of germs (mites, bacteria, viruses, fungi ...)
- Preventing attacks of allergic and asthmatic bronchitis
- Treatment of drinking water (residential, industrial and swimming pools)
- Hygiene in food products (refrigerators and waivers)
- Treatment of fume hoods
- Disinfection of instruments, barrels and containers
- Air conditioning
- Kills Insects
- Among other

Ozone acts as a very effective agent against different types of contaminants, such as chemical contaminants from organic and inorganic contaminants and also the various biological (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc ...)

The growing development and dissemination of this innovative system of cleansing and disinfection has also led to increased demand of ozone for many different uses of it in various places, which include:

Houses • warehouses • factory shops • cinemas • Schools • Colleges • nurseries • nursing homes • hospitals • health centers • cafes • clubs • restaurants • hotels • meeting rooms • workshops • slaughterhouses • gyms • government buildings • libraries • wine cellars • sports centers • swimming pools • bathrooms • cars • trucks and tourism vans